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Language Fun Time

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December 28 – 29 2020 for the girls and January 15 – 16 2021 for the boys were held a Language Fun Time event by the Language Division for the Language Ambassador and School Ministry of Language with the focus on meeting, foreign language upgrading, and farewell for the former committees. This annual event took place in As-Syifa Camping Ground, thus the students could have a fun time accomplishing their discussions.

There were at least 10 standard programs were discussed in the meeting session and the students gave their innovations to each program. The 10 standard programs include Break The Day, Announcement, Halaqoh Bahasa, Language Display, Muhadhoroh, Language Day, Language Cafe, Language Camp, Language Ambassador, Dare to Speak.

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Foreign language upgrading focused on upgrading the students’ skill in English and Arabic language, the activity filled with enriching vocabularies, learning area-based expressions, and the students were trained to memorize an MC text in both English and Arabic.

The organization structure generates each year, and the former committees said goodbye as the younger generation would then continue the success marathon.

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